White Stones Sculpture Garden


White Stones invites you to come and discover the delights of this hidden gem on the Isle of Portland.

During the early stages of development for the outside space David Nicholls, sculptor and owner of White Stones requested the services of garden designer Christina-Annabelle Moody to plant up the cafes courtyard area, which David had already designed and constructed himself.

After this project was completed David invited Christina to design the adjoining garden space in harmony with his conceptual outline.


Garden - concept to conclusion

Working to a design brief and in collaboration with David; the garden design, installations and planting have been tailored to reflect the organic flowing artistic language of David's work, whilst incorporating within the design the requirements of a public space.


The emphasis of the garden is of a natural curvaceous form, where the materials and plants mix to make strong textural contrasts; this three-dimensional design will be overlaid with sweeps of structural and soft planting with consideration given to drought tolerant species. David's sculptural style is reflected within the garden, where his works of art and those of visiting local and international artists will be embraced within the natural curves and planting of the garden; the visitor will experience a journey of discovery through this most delightful, calm and peaceful space.


Wildlife & Plants


David is committed to preserving and encouraging wildlife in the garden. Although the entire layout of the garden has changed, David made sure existing fruit trees were kept and the pond was left in place (this was due to the delightful discovery of newts during initial construction around the pond area).


Further fruit trees have been planted with the idea of using the fruit to produce homemade produce for use in the Café, I don't think you could get anymore directly organic than that! Currently we have pear, apple, quince and medlar. There are several herbs and rhubarb has been planted which is productive and has brilliant foliage.

As well as the newts there are plenty of frogs, toads and slow worms around. Bats are about at night feeding on insects above the pond. David will be introducing bat boxes, which hopfully they will use as a roost one day and more bird nesting boxes and feeders. There is a lacewing box and ladybird and bee box. David does not use chemicals in the garden so by installing these David is trying to encourage natural predators to control those pesky bugs!

Birdlife in the garden has become prolific, sightings so far are: sparrow, thrush, blackbird, robin, wren, blue tit, great tit, chaffinch, dove, and of course seagulls!


Garden Sculptures


The sculpture garden features various sculptures by David and other artists, which can be found on display throughout the year.




Special thanks to a regular customer, Richard Holmes, who gave us some of the photos of the White Stones garden.



Take a look at our wonderful sculpture garden gallery below - we hope to see you soon!