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White Stones is a unique arts and cultural environment on the island of Portland.

Visit our renowned arts cafe and sample fine food and refreshments surrounded by art to inspire you, or book an eco studio or workshop for your next creative project and enjoy the beauty and heritage that Portland has to offer.

Art is food for the soul


Welcome to White Stones, a unique creative slice of Portland and a centre for art and culture

White Stones is a unique place to visit if you're staying in Dorset. We have an inspiring arts cafe with great food and refreshments to enjoy, filled with art from local artists, which is a renowned tourist location to recharge and enjoy art.

We also have a unique eco studio development for holiday makers, artists, creatives, writers, wellbeing practitioners and entrepreneurs to stay and immerse themselves in a secluded space for new projects and personal and professional development.

Studios are due for completion and rental in September 2018.


“3 Peaceful eco studios, workshop facilities and a perfect retreat for your next creative project.”

— Immerse your creativity

The three bespoke holiday studios and art studio sit nestled together in the peaceful and secluded gardens of White Stones Art Cafe. Treat yourself to the perfect creative retreat in our stylish eco homes and create the flow that you need to kick start or complete your project.

Make use of our Workshop space to hold demonstrations, talks or classes, or develop and create your art or to network with other creatives.


“Surround yourself with great art, sample our fine food and enjoy a slice of Portland culture and hospitality.”

— Feed your soul and be inspired

White Stones Art Cafe, based on Portland, is the go to place to relax with a selection of delicious food and refreshments and is a recognised arts venue, attracting leading Dorset artists in regular exhibitions in the cafe gallery.

We offer tasty locally sourced produce where possible and believe that surrounding people with art is the perfect way to relax, chat or be inspired during your visit to Portland.

Art is the food of life after all, so, taste the beauty of our local artists work and enjoy our great food too!


White Stones is Dog Friendly a member of a local Facebook group called Dog Friendly Social

White Stones is dog friendly

Photo by Portland based Diana Barker Photography

Photo by Portland based Diana Barker Photography