Previous White Stones Art Gallery exhibitions

Below is information about the previous art exhibition at White Stones Cafe Gallery. We have featured the work of a wide range of local artists from across the South West, Dorset and the island of Portland. Our diverse artists have delighted out visitors at our seasonal multi-disciplinary art exhibitions.

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Spring 2018 Exhibition

David Nicholls - Mosaic reliefs & Sculpture

Duncan Park - Sculpture

Lyn Kirkland - Encaustic wax panels

Mike Rennie - Paintings & Mixed Media


6th Nov 2017 - 4th March 2018


This exhibition featured:

  • Beach Art Glass - Fused Glass Jewellery Stephen Yates - Paintings & Ceramics

  • Holly Norris - Fabrics

  • Olllie Taylor - Photography

  • Lauren Bissell - Paintings

  • Brendon Murless - Sculpture

  • Katy Mugford - Prints

  • Linda Dyer - Paintings

  • Sally Davies - Photography

  • Mary Quinton Edwards - Paintings

  • Kay Harle - Paintings & Jewellery

  • Maggie Wyman - Paintings

  • Happy you & Me - Jewellery by blind artist Shanie S


6th Aug - 5th Nov 2017

Charles T Maher

Bill Crumbleholme




28th Feb-22 May 2016

Mike Rennie, paintings and assemblage.


22 May 2016 onwards

Mixed show encompassing Dorset Arts Week (28th May-12th June) featuring: David Nicholls-mosaic work, John Davey-sculpture and reliefs, Caro Leicester-print, Stephen Yates-painting, Emma Pickering-Jewelery, Rachel Newham-sculpture, Ian Dyke-Painting.


April - September 2013

Paintings by John Davey; Caroline Sharp woven sculptural pieces, photography by Jonathan Pearce and a sculptor, Brendon Murless, is showing work in the garden.


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Submit your work for upcoming shows

If you are an artist and are interested in exhibiting at White Stones Cafe Gallery, please get in contact with us and send some examples of your work. This can be paintings and sketches, photography, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery and other craft items.